The Visible Cement Dataset

Plaster Data

Example 3D Plaster image.

Plaster of Paris was prepared from a commercial locally-available source with a water-to-solids mass ratio of 1.0. One sample of the dry powder was prepared and paste samples were viewed after various hydration times.


Dataset identifier As prepared w/s ratio (by mass) Hydration time (h) Notes
platre_4hv1c300 1.0 4 Top half of volume
platre_4hv2c300 1.0 4 Bottom half of volume
platre_7hv1c300 1.0 7 Top half of volume
platre_7hv2c300 1.0 7 Bottom half of volume
platre_15_5hv1c300 1.0 15.5 Top half of volume
platre_15_5hv2c300 1.0 15.5 Bottom half of volume
platre_5dv1c300 1.0 120 Top half of volume
platre_5dv2c300 1.0 120 Bottom half of volume
poudre_platrev1c300 ---- none Top half of volume - dry powder
poudre_platrev2c300 ---- none Bottom half of volume - dry powder

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Created in 2001
Last modified-Sep 25, 2013